Payment Methods:

A) Debit/Credit Card Payments. accepts payments via Debit/Credit Cards of Mastercard, Visa and others through PayPal’s safe transactions. It is a very simple procedure and all the transactions are made in the currency of Euro(€) and Dollars($).
e-ShopGalaxy accepts only one-off payments. In order to pay via Debit/Credit Card, customers should follow the following instructions. In the order form that you will see during the process, you must fill in the card’s number and the expiration date. The charge of your Debit/Credit Card will be completed only after checking and certifying your card’s data and validity through the affiliate operator. Customers are responsible for the correct and true register of the Debit/Credit Card’s data.

B) PayPal Payments. e-ShopGalaxy accepts payments via PayPal. PayPal payments are made at as there is no extra transaction costs οn the total summary. You can find more information about PayPal at

C) Bank Deposit/Transfer Payments. accepts payments via Deposit/Transfer in any of our Bank Accounts. You should place your order through ”check payments” at the checkout process. After we receive clear payment,  your order is completed and we proceed to your order’s shipping and handling. Customers should make one-off payments via Deposit/Transfer at one of the following Banks.

Finally, we suggest our clients to transfer money from the same Bank in order to avoid any extra transaction costs. If the customer transfers money from another Bank to one of our Bank accounts, the extra transaction costs should be paid by the customer himself/herself. In all Payment Methods cases, we will first confirm the clearance of the payments and then we will proceed to the shipping of your orders.